A.B. Sophomore Major Declaration!

A.B. Sophomore Major Declaration!

by justinel

It is almost to take the important step of signing into a department before choosing your courses for next fall.  The major declaration period is in mid-April and important departmental open houses are beginning as early as this week.  Here are some links to important information:

  • Go here to learn how to Declare a Major.  Procedures vary somewhat by department, so attend open houses to learn about them or contact the department if you miss them.
  • Still finalizing your decision?  Go to Choosing a Major to learn about helpful resources.  What are your passions?  Where do you see yourself enjoying independent work over the next few years?  What kinds of courses have you enjoyed most?  What kind of work do you like to do?  What kind of department community do you need to thrive intellectually? Make an appointment at the Rocky College Office to talk with someone about your choice!
  • This is also the time to apply for some certificates, such as Finance and Global Health and Health Policy.  Deadlines for many other certificates are more flexible.  Learn more about selecting a certificate here. It's important to note that only about half of all Princeton students complete even one certificate, so don't feel like this is required!  Certificates can be useful complements to a major and ways in to finding mentorship; talk with us to see what might be right for you.

Please note that you will select courses with your new department as the first step in declaring a major.  

As you join a department, keep in mind that your connection to the college will continue next year.  You are not “leaving” Rocky (unless you move in to Butler/Mathey/Whitman)! While most junior year advising takes place in your department, Dean Avens will be your administrative contact for non-departmental (general academic) advising.  Please don’t hesitate to consult with either of us on any non-routine matters!