Alice Frederick

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Welcome to Rocky, everyone! I'm a senior from Reno, Nevada and San Antonio, Texas. I have spent my time in college falling in love with languages, through traveling and poetry. I'm a member of Ellipses Slam Team and help teach a poetry class at a New Jersey prison. You can also find me singing in the chapel and attending lots of Princeton University Concerts as a Student Ambassador. I occasionally write for The Stripes, a student magazine devoted to discussing race and culture. Since I've been abroad for the past year (!), I will be rediscovering Rocky with all of you, and I absolutely can't wait. Please let me know if you ever want to talk about anything, academic or otherwise. I'm always up for a meal or coffee.

Major: Anthropology

Certificates: Linguistics

Study Abroad experience: Dale Award in Barcelona, Spain, Summer 2015 Antioch Buddhist Studies Program in Bodh Gaya and Pune, India, Fall 2015 The School of Oriental & African Studies, London, UK, Spring 2016 Mandarin Training Center at National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan, Summer 2016

Favorite courses:
ANT234: Anthropology of Crime and Punishment
ANT368: Ethnography of Schools and Schooling
CWR345: Ekphrastic Poetry
ENG390: The Bible as Literature
HUM305: Imagined Languages

Favorite study spot: the Holden Room in Firestone B