Andrew Zwicker

Princeton Plasma Physics Lab/Writing Program
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I am a physicist at the Plasma Physics Laboratory on the Forrestal Campus and the Head of the Science Education Program. My research interests are in dusty plasmas and plasma-based production of diamond thin films. Recently, students of mine performed a series of dusty plasma experiments in microgravity on the "Vomit Comet." (It's an awesome feeling to be weightless, just ask me about it!) Now, I also take a group of K-12 science teachers on the plane each summer. I teach a freshman writing seminar in the spring on ethics and human experimentation and am actively involved in physics and society issues. I am also fascinated by the connection between art and science. I'm a co-organizer of the Art of Science competition and a photo from my lab won the inaugural competition a few years ago. When not working, I'm learning how to surf (I've got the falling part perfected!) or playing soccer. My family and I have a dog named Rocky!  Come say hello when you see us in the dining hall.