Dora Demszky

Email Address:

Welcome new and old Rockyites! :) I'm an international student from Budapest, Hungary (come visit me there)! My main passion is interacting with people, and better understand the way language and culture influences our way of thinking, which brought me to studying Linguistics. I love solving linguistic puzzles - I help organize and write problems for the Hungarian Linguistics Olympiad and the North American Linguistics Olympiad. At Princeton, I tutor for the Petey Greene prison tutoring initiative, which has been an extremely rewarding experience. I am also very passionate about environmental issues and I intern for the Office of Sustainability. I'm so excited to spend my last year at Princeton getting to know you all!

Major: Linguistics (Independent Concentration)

Certificates: Applications of Computing

Favorite Courses:
FRS 169 - Dante's Inferno: A Guide to Hell (and Back)

CLA 208 - Origins and Nature of English Vocabulary
COS 401 - Machine Translation
HUM 305 - Imagined Languages

Favorite Place to Study: Prospect Garden