Emma Latham


Hello! My name is Emma Latham and I am a senior from Jersey City, NJ. I study Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, which means that half of my Junior year was spent snorkeling in Panama with nurse sharks, smashing snails to find their parasites and running through the forest in fear of tropical snakes. When I back at Princeton, I love treating myself to some delicious bent spoon ice cream, wandering through the Princeton Art Museum, and taking walks in the institute woods to find mushrooms. And although being on campus is beautiful (shout out to that Gothic architecture), I also like popping the orange bubble. Off campus, I am a tutor and coordinator for the PREP program, which means that each week I go to local prisons and help my students build their resumes and practice interview skills. In the future, I am planning on going into education, so I am currently doing the Teacher Prep Program certificate to get my teaching license. Anyways, that's me, and I can't wait to meet you!!