Jeff Nunokawa

Head of College
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Head of Rockefeller College, Professor Jeff Nunokawa, sets the tone for the college, spending much of his time getting to know the 900 students affiliated with the college by eating in the dining hall--introduce yourself to him early in your time at Rocky!   You will doubtless, if you have not done so already, see him running on campus, stopping frequently to talk with undergraduates.

Professor Nunokawa has taught in the English Department at Princeton since 1988. His specialty is the Victorian novel, and he takes particular joy in teaching undergraduates. (He's in the midst now of writing a book about social engagement and disengagement in English novels of the nineteenth century and he regularly teaches a course on works ranging from Jane Austen to Thomas Hardy.) This is his ninth year as Head of Rockefeller, and he wants to be doing all he can to help foster a sense of community in the college. In addition to the books he studies and teaches (his first love), he is devoted to film and music--all kinds of film and all kinds of music--from post war Japanese Film to The Bourne Ultimatum; from The Magic Flute to Belle & Sebastian and The Mountain Goats (Katy Perry is his second love, after teaching). Warning: don't get him started on the subject of Henry James and his relevance to all parts of human existence, unless you have several hours of free time on your hands.

He also embarked on an academic experiment in 2005, writing brief daily essays in the form of Facebook notes, and Princeton University Press has just published a compilation of them, entitled Note Book.  Learn more about his ongoing project in this article in the Princeton Alumni Weekly and in The New Yorker Hear Jeff talk about the genesis of this writing in this video.

He enjoys nothing more than a meal and a laugh or two, or ten, with a group of undergraduates (ask around and see if this isn't true). He's looking forward to meeting all of you.