Kyle Berlin


My name is Kyle Berlin. I’m from a big ditch on the central coast of California that is called, appropriately enough, Arroyo Grande—roughly translated as “big ditch” in Spanish. Speaking of Spanish (and hopefully in it!), I’m a Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures concentrator, which gives me lots of opportunities to explore beyond the (limited, as all worlds are) world of Princeton. I'm also getting certificates in Theater, Creative Writing, and Latin American Studies. On campus, I run late at night, eat ice cream (chocolate) early in the morning, and during the days can be found in the chapel (enjoying the silence), on the stage (making noise or helping others make noise), in the city (wandering and watching), and everywhere in between (trying to be multiple places at once, shaking around and things up). Some things I like: radio, the ocean, tropicalismo, solitude, kindness, true words, spinach, sunscreen, love, rhizomes, cowboys, autonomy, dynamism, awareness. The only thing I really care about: how to make the world better and be better human beings in it. I so look forward to meeting you.