Martha Groppo


I grew up in Wilmore, an adorable town in the heart of Kentucky's thoroughbred country. It only has 4,000 people and two stoplights, so I quickly became an expert in entertaining myself and having outdoorsy fun (ask me about blisterball or proper rope swing etiquette). I am a fifth year history PhD student working on my dissertation about health and nursing in the rural British Empire from 1880-1939. This year my archival research has taken me to Newfoundland, England, Wales, New Zealand, and the Australian Outback, where I have gotten to find lots of old diaries, letters, and health records. I enjoy traveling to and conducting research in extremely remote locations, so if you are interested in some off-beat summer travel ideas, look me up. I attended the University of Kentucky as an undergraduate where I earned dual degrees in journalism and history, worked for a newspaper, traveled whenever I could, coached a swim team, wrote two theses, and rooted for the best team in college basketball (GO CATS!). I love the sea and circumnavigated the globe by ship one semester. I like art, British lit, having people over for tea time, trivia, watching the Office or sporting events and meeting new Rocky friends. I'm happy to be back at Rocky for my third year as an RGS after a year spent doing research abroad.  Look for me on trivia nights (9:30 Wednesday nights) or say "hey" in the dining hall!

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