Oliver Avens

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Oliver Avens has been dean of Rockefeller College since 2005.  Before that, he was a professor in the Politics department at Princeton, where he taught modern and contemporary political thought, as well as ethics and public policy in the Woodrow Wilson School. More recently, he has taught in the Princeton Writing Program, mostly on topics relating to democracy and justice. Dean Avens grew up in Queens, NY, studied politics and history as an undergraduate at Williams, and received his Ph.D. from Yale. His wife, Nicky, is a bibliographer in the Marquand Art Library, where she researches rare art books before their acquisition. They have a son, Darius, who is a senior in college. For fun, Dean Avens collects loud and lilting music from different parts of the world, and builds his own bicycles. He can be obsessive about films and cycling; the latter is his only form of exercise. If you've got questions about academic matters, or just want to chat about life at Princeton, feel free to stop by his office. He's looking forward to meeting you!

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