Pascal Wenz


I am a second-year PhD student in the Religion department where I work on Japanese religion, Buddhism in particular. I grew up in Germany, but have spent the last six years before coming to Princeton in the UK and in Japan. I am very interested in philosophy, as well as in East Asian languages and cultures. Apart from my native tongue, German, I am also fluent in Japanese and I am now learning Korean. Feel free to speak in any of those languages to me, if you are homesick or want to practice. I am also hoping to offer a meditation class at Rocky this year, so please join or get in touch if you are interested. I can also direct you to towards other resources on campus regarding meditation.

Apart from my academic interests, I love being outside in nature, especially hiking and cycling. I also work out in the Stephen's Fitness Centre. When the weather is less than hospitable I do enjoy the occasional video game (Nintendo). Since this is my first year at Rocky much will be new to me as well, so let's tackle new challenges together!

Department: Religion