William Whitham


William grew up in Maine. He did his undergrad at Harvard and his masters at Cambridge before coming to Princeton, where he is a second-year PhD student in History and an increasingly pale resident of A level. His research tries to contextualize the contingent fate of popular ideologies (like socialism, fascism, or liberalism) with reference to how they are permitted by political conjunctures, articulated through language, and maintained by institutional mechanisms. More broadly, William is fascinated and as often perplexed by how some European ideas acquired (or did not acquire) relevance in an increasingly interconnected world since the eighteenth century. He does not have interests outside of school, but he likes pasta, forests, cemeteries, the cold, and doubting everything. William is very excited to learn what Rocky students think and feel about their studies and their activities. He hopes especially to support them as they navigate the various challenges and uncertainties posed by life at Princeton and beyond.

Department: History

Email: wwhitham@princeton.edu