Bolton Howes

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I grew up in Denver, Colorado and graduated from Macalester College where I studied geology and was a member of the football and track and field teams. After graduating, I moved to Athens, Georgia and completed a Master’s of Science in geology. Currently I am a second year PhD student in the Geoscience Department.  

My scientific interests center around using sedimentary rocks to reconstruct Earth's climate over the last billion years. To study sedimentary rocks, I travel to places like Nevada, Namibia, and Spain to make geological maps and collect samples that I bring back to Princeton to analyze in geochemical labs and make 3D reconstructions of the rocks and fossils in the GIRI Lab (check out some cool photos from the lab instagram @Giri_lab).  

Outside of geology, I love to play and watch sports, hike, read, and watch Netflix. If I am not in Rocky or in the lab, you can probably find me reading in one of the coffee shops in downtown Princeton or playing pick-up basketball in Dillon Gym. I am really excited about being a part of Rocky, and I look forward to meeting you soon.