Harry Lord


Hello Rocky! I’m a junior from Manchester, England. I’m tired of the ‘you’re a wizard’ jokes by now, but, originally a Matheyite, I’ve found my Gryffindor with Rocky. At Princeton, I’m a Philosophy major pursuing the Entrepreneurship certificate, but I take a range of classes in the social sciences and humanities. I also do the multi-events (heptathlon/decathlon) on the men’s track and field team, because I couldn’t settle on one discipline. You’ll see me around campus writing for the Daily Princetonian, fulfilling the roles of President of the newly-formed Princeton University Macedonian Association, or watching football (soccer) and trying to feel like I’m in England. I love hanging out with friends and getting to know people, and - like you all - am trying to enjoy the amazing opportunities Princeton has to offer. If have any questions about life here, just say hi, swing by my room, or shoot me an email - I’d love to help in any way I can!