About Rockefeller College

The Rockefeller College community includes more than nine hundred undergraduates, from first years to seniors. Approximately four hundred first years and sophomores and fifty juniors and seniors live in the college, with their own dining and social facilities, study areas, computer clusters, and classrooms. They are supported by seventeen junior and senior Residential College Advisers who are each responsible for a small group of advisees ("'zees") and joined by ten Resident Graduate Students who provide additional guidance and mentorship. Another four hundred juniors and seniors live in upperclass housing and retain their affiliation to Rocky for community, events, advising and support, both through the College staff and through faculty and peer academic advisers.

The college contains a film theater, an art gallery, numerous rehearsal spaces and music practice rooms, kitchens, and a College libraryThe setting is small enough to create a sense of community, but large enough to encompass a diverse student population and a wide variety of interests. 


Rockyites welcoming prospective students

The range of activities organized by the college includes intramural athletics and a wide variety of social and cultural events. Each year the college sponsors talks by faculty members, lectures by outside speakers, concerts, dances, plays, and many other events, including trips to take advantage of nearby attractions in New York and Philadelphia.  Many of these activities are selected, planned, and organized by the College Council, a self-governing body made up of the student residents of the college. In this sense, Rockefeller College is very much a participatory community.