Mission, Standards, and Values


The mission of Rockefeller College is to foster an inclusive residential and intellectual community that welcomes students from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, nationalities, and identities. Together as a community we support academic and personal well-being and growth and help students to realize their full potential at Princeton.  We seek to facilitate meaningful and enduring engagement among students, faculty, staff, and administration who all share in the goals learning from each other and thoughtfully and authentically engaging with people across difference, because these values promote a transformative educational experience.

Community Standards and Values

Rocky’s caring staff members devote much effort and talent to creating the welcoming atmosphere of our college: dining staff create nourishing and satisfying meals and a sense of home; the custodial staff maintain clean and comfortable buildings; and the college office staff do their best to help students thrive by reaching their potential and maintaining balance the academic and social aspects of their Princeton experience. It is important to appreciate the contributions of those who work to maintain Rockefeller College, and to contribute to this community yourself. We challenge you to leave this home even better than you found it.

University-wide policies, procedures, and community standards applicable to all aspects of campus life can be found in Rights, Rules, Responsibilities as well as policies concerning harassment, discrimination, and academic integrity.

We encourage everyone to take the following actions to get the most out of their time in Rocky and to sustain our community:

  • Appreciate and respect the members of this community. This means everything from picking up your dishes in the dining hall, laundry in the laundry rooms, and trash in common spaces to seeing every student, staff member and faculty member in our community as a whole person.

  • Engage. Please make time to talk to each other and participate in shared experiences. When we commit to genuinely getting to know each other through dialogue, we begin to understand the experiences of others and how friendship can sustain us.

  • Be an upstander. If you encounter a situation or behavior that conflicts with community values, say something. Our community is based on inclusivity and respect for everyone (regardless of identity, gender, race, sexuality, religion, etc.), and the way that we speak to and act towards each other should be both inclusive and respectful. It is our collective responsibility to be active participants in upholding community values and also speaking up when we witness behavior that contradicts those values. Speaking up can also help someone who may be struggling!

  • Seek out resources. The Rocky college staff and our extensively trained student leaders (RCAs, PAAs, Fields Center Fellows, LGBT Educators, SHARE Peers, and PHAs) care about you, your experiences and ideas, and about our community. We are all here to support you and are happy to talk with you should you have questions, concerns, or wish to discuss anything that is on your mind. 

  • Show up. Just as we do for you, we expect that you will keep the commitments you make to each other and to your community to be present when you say that you will be present, and that you will bring your whole self to every conversation and experience.