Four-Year College Transition

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As part of Princeton University's transition to becoming a four-year residential college system, in Fall 2022, Rocky (previously a two-year college) will become a four-year college with rooms reserved for juniors and seniors who'd like to continue living here. This transition will afford upper-class Rocky students with many benefits, including access to single rooms, the option to not have a meal plan, proximity to Nassau Street, in-house advising, and more. 



Why a fully integrated four year system?

Until now, students in a two-year college (First, Forbes, and Rocky) who wanted to live in a residential college in their junior and/or senior year had to switch their affiliation to a four-year college (Butler, Mathey, or Whitman), a switch that often disrupted students’ continuity of community and advising support.

Under the new four-year college system, all residential colleges will have some housing available for juniors and seniors, which will allow upperclass students to continue living in their current residential college, if they wish, whether they are members of eating clubs, co-ops, cook for themselves, or choose to stay on the residential college meal plan.

The long-term goal of this new system is to ensure continuity of the cohesive residential community, including advising for both academic and wellbeing purposes. Your first and second years at Princeton are largely spent with your residential college, each with its own unique identity. Staying with your affiliated residential college for your junior and senior year allows that sense of identity to remain strong and for the community values you've come to know to endure.

Check out Housing's New in '22 Website for more information and resources about these changes, including a Room Draw Guide and FAQ.

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