Student-Faculty Engagement

Rocky College offers opportunities throughout the year for students and professors to engage outside the classroom.  Our faculty fellows often eat meals in the dining hall, and may sit at the "fellows table" where we invite students to join them.  Each week there are discussion tables and dinner series where professors talk about their disciplines and also about their interests and passions outside the classroom.

If you would like to invite your professor to a meal in the dining hall, meal passes are available in the Rocky College office.  Twice a year we host "Take Your Professor to Dinner Night" which features a special menu and chocolate fountain!

Rocky and Mathey present:  Mobility/Immobility.  A dinner conversation with faculty.  No experience required!  Come learn and test ideas. 

Tues., Sept. 25 - Prof. Marta Tienda will discuss migration and educational inequality.  6:00pm - Rocky PDR.

Tues., Oct. 2 - Prof. Tessa Desmond will discuss migrant farm labor, food access and the American food system.  6:00pm - Rocky PDR.

Tues., Oct. 9 - Prof. Timothy Nelson will discuss low income fatherhood and family instability.  6:00pm - Mathey PDR.

Wed., Oct. 17 - Prof. Sadaf Jaffer will discuss feminism, Islam, and border-crossing in South Asian social media.  6:00pm - Rocky PDR.