While Rockefeller College is lucky to have some of the most beautiful spaces on campus, what really makes the college special is the people.  Rocky is a broad but cohesive community, with students, faculty, and staff who work together both socially and academically.

Professor Clancy Rowley, Head of Rockefeller College, sets the tone for the college, spending much of his time getting to know the 900 students affiliated with the college--introduce yourself to him early in your time at Rocky! There are many other faculty members affiliated with the college as faculty fellows: you are likely to see them at meals and college events.

Some members of the Rocky community play special roles in ensuring that our students are safe, productive, and happy. Eighteen residential college advisers (RCAs) live in the residence halls with the first years and sophomores and provide friendly care and guidance. If you have a question about anything, they're a good place to start. In addition, faculty advisers and peer academic advisers offer advice and assistance about everything academic.

The College Council is the student body that organizes special social and cultural events such as the weekly study breaks and the trips to New York.  The college also has ten resident graduate students (RGSs) and a faculty in residence.  This proximity affords daily opportunities for diverse community members at different stages of their academic careers to share their experience and wisdom, ask questions, or just casually converse. 

Last but not least, the college staff is available to assist you with all your questions and needs, so please don't hesitate to come see us!