Addie Jung '22

Operations Research & Financial Engineering
Email Address:

Hi Rocky! My name is Addie and I'm a junior from Minneapolis, MN! I am in the ORFE department and considering pursing certificates in Entrepreneurship, Asian American Studies, or SML. On campus, I am part of the Princeton Cheer team and a member of Tigers for Nassau. I was also part of the Rocky College Council my freshmen and sophomore year, and I am so excited to stay part of the Rocky community! In my free time I like to eat out on Nassau with my friends at our favorite spots or have karaoke nights in our room! Please reach out to talk to me about anything I mentioned so far, or any of the following topics: my love for Minnesota (or the Midwest in general), how fun hammocking is/nature activities, my cats, your cats, or any pets you may have, new TikTok dances to learn, etc...

Concentration:  Operations and Research and Financial Engineering

Certificate(s):  N/A

Hometown:  Edina, Minnesota

Princeton class that has shaped the way I think:  SPI 393: This was the first policy class that I had taken. It was really interesting to see all the different factors - stakeholders, policy making history, current societal issues/trends, etc - play into policy making. It made me rethink how policy making is a process of iteration but also luck, depending on the circumstances of current situations.

Favorite memory from first year at Princeton:  Getting the chance to lead a breakout trip to Boston with Envision!