Amalia Haile-Manas '25

Civil and Environmental Engineering, BSE

Hi everyone! I'm Amalia, a junior from NYC. I'm concentrating in Civil and Environmental Engineering and pursuing a certificate in Applied and Computational Math. Outside of academics, I'm the manager of the Coffee Club NCW location. My favorite hobbies are reading and crocheting. I'm super excited to meet my 'zees and help them navigate academics and life at Princeton!

Hometown:  New York City, New York

Major:  Civil and Environmental Engineering

Certificate(s):  Applied and Computational Mathematics

Favorite memory from my first year at Princeton:  There was a huge snowstorm during the first week of my second semester and the campus looked so pretty! People were sledding and having snowball fights and it was such a fun few days until the snow melted. 

Princeton class that shaped the way I think and why:  CEE401 (Zero Carbon, Resilient, Equitable Cities: Infrastructure Innovations and Systems Analysis) has shaped the way I think about sustainable development and zero carbon transitions. Highly recommend if you're interested in these topics!