Beimnet Shitaye

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Email Address:

Hi Rocky! My name is Beimnet (pronounced bum-net) and I'm a senior from Northern Virginia. I am in the MAE department and hope to get certificates in Sustainable Energy and Robotics and Intelligent Systems. Outside of the E-quad, I spend most of my time with the Office of Sustainability, where I have worked for the past three years. I also love attending various types of events and talks on campus and mindlessly spending hours watching random Youtube videos in my free time. I can't wait to meet you all in the fall!

Concentration:  Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Certificates:  Sustainable Energy, Robotics and Intelligent Systems

Favorite courses:  AMS 334 (Decolonizing America: A Seminar in Black Worldmaking), MAE 206 (Introduction to Engineering Dynamics), MAE 335 (Fluid Dynamics)

Favorite study spot:  Carl A. Fields Center