Benjamin Porter '22

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Hi there Rocky! My name is Ben and I'm from Oakland, CA. I'm a senior in the Economics department pursuing a certificate in African American Studies. Outside of class I'm a member of the club soccer team and a tutor/mentor with Academic Success Today. When I'm not playing soccer or locked in Firestone you can find me in Dillon Gym, dancing around campus with headphones on, or at my desk playing video games. Feel free to reach out if you have questions about academics or life at Princeton, or if you have any cute cat videos to show me!

Concentration:  Economics

Certificate(s):  African American Studies  

Hometown:  Oakland, California

Princeton class that has shaped the way I think:  AAS 235 (Race is Socially Constructed: Now What?) introduced me to the field of African American Studies and taught me to notice the ways in which our society is built upon the backs of people of color; it taught me to dig deeper in my thinking, because everything has a story, a motive behind it, especially when it comes to the racial biases that exist behind everything across our society.

Favorite memory from first year at Princeton:  Sitting under the stars at DDA (Difference and Dialogue in Action) with some of the people who would soon become my best friends