Deborah Kaple

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Deborah Kaple *91 teaches in the Sociology Department and in the Freshman Seminar Program. She is a specialist on Communism, Russia, China, the Cold War, and the Sino-Soviet relationship. Her first book (Dream of a Red Factory, Oxford University Press, 1994) examined how the Chinese adopted the Soviet economic and political model in the 1950s. Her translation and annotation of a Gulag camp boss's diary (Gulag Boss: A Soviet Memoir, Oxford University Press, 2010) illuminated the world of the slave labor camps in Stalin’s Russia, and raised new questions of complicity and guilt for a population under siege. Her current projects are an analysis of the role of the Soviet Advisers in China in the 1950s, based on newly-available Russian and Chinese archival materials, and a new book project called Khrushchev’s Secret Speech: The Unintended Consequences for Communism. She also writes and publishes fiction.  As a first generation college student herself, Professor Kaple is always willing to meet any 1st gen students for advice, commiseration, support, or just to talk.