Rocky Faculty Fellows

Our Faculty Fellows are an integral part of the Rocky community, providing opportunities for students to connect with Princeton faculty outside of the classroom. You'll often see Faculty Fellows enjoying meals in the dining hall, or other informal settings such as receptions following lectures or special events. Fellows are also invited to share their research or other areas of interest in informal workshops or conversations at the college.

Name Department Email
Christine Allen-Blanchette Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering [email protected] 
Jose Avalos Chemical and Biogical Engineering [email protected] 
Oliver Avens Office of the Dean of the Faculty [email protected] 
Yelena Baraz Classics [email protected] 
Marshall Brown Architecture [email protected] 
Eduardo Cadava English [email protected] 
Janet Chen History [email protected] 
Edgar Choueiri Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering [email protected] 
Catherine Clune-Taylor Gender & Sexuality Studies [email protected]
Aisha Beliso-De Jesús American Studies [email protected] 
Brigid Doherty German [email protected] 
Maria A. DiBattista English [email protected] 
Adam Finkelstein Computer Science [email protected] 
Harriet Flower Classics [email protected] 
Bernard Haykel Near Eastern Studies [email protected] 
Michael Hecht Chemistry [email protected] 
Yuri Leving Slavic Languages and Literatures [email protected] 
Beth Lew-Williams History [email protected] 
Bo Honore Economics [email protected] 
Monica Huerta English [email protected] 
Stanley Katz School of Public and International Affairs [email protected] 
Casey Kelleher Mathematics [email protected] 
Sheila Kohler Creative Writing [email protected] 
Kevin Kruse History [email protected] 
Melissa Lane Politics [email protected] 
Jan-Werner Müller Politics [email protected] 
Mala Murthy Neuroscience [email protected] 
Cameron Myhrvold Molecular Biology [email protected] 
Assaf Naor Mathematics [email protected] 
Jeff Nunokawa English [email protected] 
Eve C. Ostriker Astrophysical Sciences [email protected] 
AnnMarie Perl Art and Archaeology [email protected] 
Ben Raphael Computer Science [email protected] 
Olga Russakovsky Computer Science [email protected] 
Josh Shaevitz Physics [email protected] 
Harold Shapiro School of Public and International Affairs [email protected] 
Cassie Stoddard Ecology and Evolutionary Biology [email protected] 
Shirley M. Tilghman Molecular Biology [email protected] 
Chris Tully Physics [email protected] 
Ramon van Handel Operations Research and Financial Engineering [email protected] 
Max Weiss History [email protected] 
Fred Wherry Sociology [email protected] 
Cameron Wu Architecture [email protected]