Fernanda Fernandez

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Hi Rocky! My name is Fernanda Fernandez and I'm from Rutherford, New Jersey. I am a junior in the Neuroscience department (premed). I ride as a volunteer EMT for the station in town, tutor chemistry at McGraw, and work in the Lew-Williams Emberson lab. When I have free time, I enjoy going for runs, playing guitar, and catching up with friends. My favorite part of Princeton is the people: I love meeting and talking to new people, so reach out if you want to grab a meal on campus or drink at Starbucks--I'm excited to meet you all!

Major: Neuroscience

Certificates: not sure yet

Study Abroad experience: n/a

Favorite courses: NEU 201: Introduction to Neuroscience, NEU 202: Cognitive Neuroscience, COS 126: Computer Science: An Interdisciplinary Approach (intro to cos)

Favorite study spot: Frist Campus Center (and off campus I love studying at Starbucks!)