Florent Masse

Resident Faculty Fellow, French and Italian
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Florent Masse has been teaching in the Department of French and Italian since 2001, and has directed the program of French theater of L'Avant-Scene, the French Theater Workshop ever since. He trained as an actor and director at Lille National Theater under Daniel Mesguich and later pursued his theater studies at Amherst College, MA as a Levy-Despas Fellow and teaching assistant in the Department of French. This is when he created the program of L’Avant-Scene which originally mixes linguistic and dramatic training.

At Princeton, Professor Masse has been able to extensively develop, and enrich L’Avant-Scene. He has directed two dozen student productions, both recitals of Classical French theater scenes, and full-length productions of some of the most popular and ambitious plays in the French theatrical canon, including: Feydeau’s Le Dindon (2004), Un fil à la patte (2006) and Feu la mère de madame (2005), Molière’s Le Tartuffe (2005), 

Le malade imaginaire (2007), Dom Juan (2008), and Le Misanthrope (2008), Racine’s Andromaque (2005), and Phèdre (2007), Marivaux’s Le jeu de l’amour et du hasard (2006), and Koltès’ Dans la solitude des champs de coton (2001), and Roberto Zucco (2007).

Professor Masse can be found on most week nights rehearsing in the Rocky Common Room, which has been home to L'Avant-Scene's evening rehearsals since 2002. On some nights you may even find him rehearsing in English as he is directing an acting workshop in English: "The Rocky/Mathey Actors' Studio," that's he was excited to launch in the fall of 2008. Professor Masse's dream of turning Holder Courtyard into an outdoor theater has been realized on two occasions: when L'Avant-Scene performed Cyrano de Bergerac in May 2009 in the courtyard, and when his advanced French theater class performed some classical works in the cloisters in May 2010. He hopes to soon reiterate this dream as he finds Rockefeller College to be a wonderful place to do theater.