Jack Aiello '21

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Hey-o! My friends call me grandpa, but feel free to call me Jack. I love quality time with friends, boardgames, whipped cream, outdoorsy stuff, and jamming out to Florence & The Machine. I grew up in New York as a big nerd and big brother. On campus, I’m still both of those things, but I also study economic development and macroeconomics in the econ department as well as South Asian Studies. Outside of class I tutor in local prisons through PREP, am involved in the green group scene, work in the Writing Center, and regularly compete at Rocky Trivia night. I’m happy to talk about this stuff, but would really love to hear about all the cool things you all do and study. So psyched to get to know you all (old friends and new zees) this year. My door is always open.

Pronouns: he/him/his