Jeffrey Barzach '22

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Hey Rocky! My name is Jeffrey Barzach, and I am a Junior from North Carolina. I am concentrating in the Chemistry department, which means I get to see cool crystallizations and color changes daily! I am involved in the Princeton University Chemical Society and Rusyak (Russian club). I also tutor off-campus for Princeton Tutoring. When I am not busy writing lab reports, I like to read, cook pasta, and solve Rubik’s cubes (the last one I am still working on, but I am getting there!). I also practice speaking Russian and can almost hold a full conversation with Dr. Maria! If you ever need any advice on what a class is like or how to organize your schedule for a successful semester, feel free to send me an email or text, and I will be happy to answer. I am looking forward to meeting and hearing from all of you!

Concentration:  Chemistry

Certificate(s):  N/A

Hometown:  Huntersville, North Carolina

Princeton class that has shaped the way I think:  I took a class called the "Sociology of Crime and Punishment" (SOC 222) last semester, and it really re-shaped the way I think about the criminal justice system, especially with regard to race and social class. It was an amazing course, and it's so cool that I was able to take a class completely unrelated to my major and still get so much out of it! I highly recommend you try and do so yourself, especially during freshman year.

Favorite memory from first year at Princeton:  My favorite memory from freshman year is when me and a group of my friends in organic chemistry met up outside and formed a benzene ring with our bodies, then took a picture and sent it to the chemistry professor! It was early in the morning, and it was just a very fun and memorable moment.