Jennifer Shi '25

Molecular Biology, AB (Pre-Health)

Hi guys, I'm Jennifer and I am a molbio major from the Bay Area, California :). On campus and in the surrounding community, I sing with Glee Club, work on internal consulting in the exec team of Hatch (a nonprofit tutoring organization), serve as a hotline volunteer for Contact (a mental health hotline), and spend a good amount of time in the Kang Lab playing with mice and researching breast cancer metastasis. In my free time (with the privilege of being in Rocky and therefore close to Nassau Street) I enjoy getting fun snacks with friends and exploring Maruichi (the new Japanese grocery store!) for the umpteenth time.  

Hometown:  Bay Area, California

Major:  Molecular Biology

Certificate(s):  Neuroscience

Favorite memory from my first year at Princeton:  Maybe it is because I am from California, but the very first snowfall I witnessed on campus, right after returning from winter break, was really something special to me. It was in the evening, and with a few friends, we walked around campus as the snow fell, created snow angels in the East Pyne courtyard, then made the wise decision to get ice cream from Bent Spoon. The next morning, I woke up early and took a walk alone in the snow. I did slip and fall, but regardless, I then fell in love with the Princeton campus in the winter.

Princeton class that shaped the way I think and why:  Medical anthropology (ANT240 / HUM240). Taught by Professor Joao Biehl when I took the course, his immense enthusiasm and personal experience guided each lecture on the intersection of the cultural and structural effects of our medical system on the individual and societal experience of healthcare. Ultimately, the course changed my approach to choosing classes after that semester: The potential for a course to bring together such a variety of perspectives and fields to examine medicine made me far more curious to the potential of taking courses in other subjects that could potentially bring together my present interests with those I am far less familiar with. I became more willing to enroll in courses that I initially had not considered, and each time, end up enjoying them far more than I had expected.