Justine Hernandez Levine

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Welcome! As the dean of Rockefeller College, I oversee the day to day life of the college and have special responsibility for the academic progress of juniors and seniors.  I’m happy to meet with any Rockyites to discuss academics, the stresses of Princeton, or whatever is on your mind.   Prior to becoming the dean, I served as Director of Studies at Rocky for five years, working closely with first years and sophomores. Before arriving at Rocky, I spent fourteen years in advising roles, serving as a Fellowship Adviser here at Princeton, Dean for Sophomores and Associate Director of the Honors Program at Rutgers, and founder and Director of the undergraduate research program at Rutgers.

I've seen parts of five continents so far, but I'm a New Jersey native; I earned my BA in English at Rutgers, picked up a MA in English (focusing on African American and Latinx literature) at UCLA, and returned to Rutgers for my doctoral degree in Sociology and Philosophy of Education. Though my two children (Noa, age 10, and Ian, age 14) keep me fairly busy in Hopewell when I'm not at Rocky, I can be found in a dance class, out for a run, or trolling farmer's markets for seasonal produce and good live music.  I'd love to hear what you're reading; I'm always looking for a good book.

My door is (almost) always open, so please stop by to introduce yourself in the coming months, and tell me about the things that interest you; I hope that together we can make Rocky the vibrant intellectual community you want it to be, and to make your experience at Princeton the most fulfilling it can be. I look forward to getting to know you, and to helping you to navigate your academic choices and challenges at Princeton and beyond!