Kira FitzGerald '24

Computer Science, AB

Hi everyone! My name is Kira FitzGerald, and I am a member of the class of 2024. I am originally from a small town near Cleveland, Ohio, and I love showing off my midwest pride! I am majoring in Computer Science (AB), and pursuing certificates in Linguistics, Cognitive Science and Theater. On campus, I am a part of a bunch of student theater groups, a committee member for USG, and a Matriculate advising fellow. In my free time I love dancing, hanging out with my friends or watching tv or movies (specifically romcoms). Can't wait to meet everyone this year!

Hometown:  Oberlin, Ohio

Major:  Computer Science (AB)

Certificate(s):  Linguistics, Cognitive Science and Theater

Favorite memory from my first year at Princeton:  Exploring the campus with the rest of my zee-group during our first week here!

Princeton class that shaped the way I think and why:  Movements for Diversity in American Theater by Professor Brian Herrera was a super interesting class, which forced me to think about the Theater in a completely different way. The class was also taught in a super engaging format, where it wasn't exactly a seminar, but also wasn't a lecturer so I felt like I was getting the best of both worlds. I got to learn a lot from my professor's experiences, but also could voice my own opinion and get to hear from my peers as well.