Michelle Huang '24

Computer Science, BSE

Hi everyone! My name is Michelle, and I'm a senior from the California Bay Area. I'm majoring in COS (BSE), with certificates in SML, PACM, and OQDS. On campus, I'm a part of the Princeton Pianists Ensemble, Six14 Christian Dance Company, and HackPrinceton. In my free time, I love swimming, splurging on Nassau (Playa Bowls :o), and hammocking outside Colonial. I'm really excited to meet you all this year, and please reach out with any questions!

Hometown:  Santa Rosa, CA

Major:  Computer Science (BSE)

Certificate(s):  Statistics & Machine Learning, Applied & Computational Mathematics, Optimization & Quantitative Decision Science

Favorite memory from my first year at Princeton:  Arriving on campus in the spring after a virtual semester and meeting people!

Princeton class that shaped the way I think and why:  REL261 (Christian Ethics & Modern Society) - we had really meaningful conversations about practical & relevant issues in society, in both religious and non-religious contexts.