Musab A. Almajnouni '22

Electrical Engineering
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Hello Rocky! My name is Musab and I grew up in Saudi Arabia. I study Electrical and Computer Engineering and am involved in Princeton Racing Electric and Quad. When I’m not writing my thesis or planning events, you can probably find me somewhere outdoors riding my bike, watching an old movie, or meeting new people. Whatever you like to do, and whatever you plan on studying, I’d love to share conversations over some hot chocolate, especially if it’s cold outside!

Concentration:  Electrical and Computer Engineering

Certificate(s):  Technology and Society

Hometown:  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Princeton class that has shaped the way I think:  I took NES366 (Oil, Energy, and the Middle East) because I felt a personal connection to the content in the class being a huge part of the country where I grew up. The class surpassed my expectation in that it involved deep focused discussions (made easy by the fact that there were 9 students in the class) that taught us how to balance various varying views from different experts. My professor did a superb job of ensuring that all relevant ideas and analyses surrounding the course material are explored to the fullest; a task that is especially hard when we had to balance so many externalities.

Favorite memory from first year at Princeton:  Going sledding with my friends after the first heavy snow of the year.