Noah Moss

Molecular Biology
Email Address:

Hey everyone! I'm a junior majoring in molecular biology and possibly getting a certificate in computer science. I'm interested in genomics and computational biology as well as epidemiology, global health and bioethics. I was pre-med for a while and I know a lot about the path to med school, but for now I'm undecided about it. Outside of classes, I play violin in Sinfonia and the Triangle Club, and I'm a Community Action leader and am involved in Breakout Princeton. 90% of the time I can be found in Small World, Starbucks, or Frist—basically anywhere that there's coffee! Feel free to shoot me a Facebook message or an email if you have any questions or just want to chat!

Major: Molecular Biology

Certificates: Global Health and Health Policy

Study Abroad experience: Global Seminar in Italy

Favorite courses:
FRS 144, GLS 303, MOL 459, CHM 303/304, COS 126, SLA 368

Favorite study spot: Frist (near Witherspoon's) or Blair kitchen