Noga Zaborowski


I'm a senior from New Jersey concentrating in philosophy (although I came to Princeton thinking of chemical and biological engineering, declared my concentration as computer science first year, then switched to philosophy junior year - ask me about it!). I am involved in Outdoor Action, the Tiger Challenge at the Keller Center, and Jewish activities. From personal experience, I am aware of the pressures to be perfect and to "do Princeton the right way". I hope that in my role as a PAA, I can both serve as living proof that there is no straight path through Princeton and support Rockyites in making the best academic (and other) decisions at Princeton. If you want to talk (about academics, life, the universe, or anything), reach out!

Major: Philosophy

Certificates: n/a

Study Abroad experience:

Favorite courses:
ANT 325: Anthropology of Religion
COS 217: Introduction to Programming Systems
HIS 499: Things
PHI 380: Explaining Values

Favorite study spot: Firestone A-floor carrels