Rachel Qing Pang '23

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Hellooo everyone!! My name is Rachel Qing Pang, and I am a Physics major with a certificate in Visual Arts. I’m a junior from Singapore and I came to the United States just a few years ago for college here at Princeton. I love discovering new interests, such as my passion for Sculpture through fascinating courses, and I am excited to help you in your journeys too! On campus, my highest location probability density would be Jadwin Hall, where I continue to spend too many late nights with my problem set groups, followed by Frist Theater, where my beloved dance company, Koko Pops, is practicing. If I’m not dancing or physics-ing, then find me in my sculpture studio on 185 Nassau, Tower Club, or the climbing wall! I’m also an Outdoor Action Leader and I’m always down for a good hike! It is so exciting to meet everyone, please feel free to reach out to me!

Pronouns: she/her/hers