Rachelle Jacques

African American Studies
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Hello Princeton people and welcome to best college on campus! My name is Rachelle Jacques; I am originally from Connecticut, but my family currently lives in Georgia.  At Princeton, my concentration is in African American Studies, with a focus on Race and Public Policy. My two favorite things to do are travel and spend time with family. Fortunately, I am able to travel to my favorite destination (Haiti) and spend time with relatives simultaneously. I am of Haitian descent and many of my family members still live in Haiti. In my free time, I enjoy dancing ballet, finding new music and reading a fascinating book (usually about Haiti). I look forward to getting to know all of you and teaching you all the best tricks to navigate Princeton!

Major: African American Studies

Certificates: n/a

Study Abroad experience: I studied abroad my Junior year spring at University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies.  My coursework included classes in the History, Politics and Developmental Studies departments.

Favorite courses:
Race is Socially Constructed: Now What?; Race and the Legal System, Introduction to Black and White Photography; African American Literature: Harlem Renaissance to Present;

Favorite study spot: Private Classrooms in Lewis Library or Frist Campus Center