Riya Gandhi '24

Computer Science, BSE

Hi everyone! My name is Riya Gandhi, and I am from Miami, Florida. I am a Computer Science (BSE) major in the class of 2024, with a certificate in Statistics and Machine Learning. On campus, I have been part of several engineering clubs as well as E-Club, and work for the computer science department! During my free time, I love biking, watching TV, hanging out with friends, or trying new food! Can't wait to meet everyone!

Hometown:  Miami, Florida

Major:  Computer Science (BSE)

Certificate(s):  Statistics and Machine Learning

Favorite memory from my first year at Princeton:  Arriving on campus in the spring for the first time and running around at night with my zee-group in the first week!

Princeton class that shaped the way I think and why:  ART106: Looking Lab: Experiments in Visual Thinking with Prof. Lucy Partman was a super interesting class that challenged the way I thought about sight and how we look at things. In a small seminar, we explored everything from the anatomy of vision to designing new tools to solve a visual problem. Definitely recommend!