Sara Ryave '24

African American Studies, AB

Hey guys! My name is Sara and I'm very excited to meet you all this fall. I'm from Cerritos, California, which is about 20 minutes from Disneyland and home to America's largest auto square (super fun stuff). I'm an African American Studies major, but in my free time I love working at our radio station, WPRB. If I'm not there, then I'm working in the RoMa dining hall or scrolling aimlessly on my phone. I'm really pumped to learn more about you all, hang out, and have a really awesome year. 

Hometown:  Cerritos, California

Major:  African American Studies

Certificate(s):  Teacher Prep Program

Favorite memory from my first year at Princeton:  My first time seeing snow fall. I'm a California girl at heart but it was pretty magical.

Princeton class that shaped the way I think and why:  AMS332, the Architecture of Race. I took this course my Freshman spring and it challenged me to think critically about the world around me in ways I never had before, and see how race shapes so much of the world around us, from the built environment to economic policy. It definitely changed my academic trajectory here, and I'm so grateful for it.