Sophie Meunier

Public and International Affairs
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Sophie Meunier is Senior Research Scholar in the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs and Co-Director of the EU Program at Princeton. She is the author of Trading Voices: The European Union in International Commercial Negotiations (Princeton University Press, 2005) and The French Challenge: Adapting to Globalization (Brookings Institution Press, 2001), winner of the 2002 France-Ameriques book award. She is also the editor of several books on Europe and globalization, including Developments in French Politics 5 (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013), The Politics of Representation in the Global Age (Cambridge University Press, 2014), and Speaking with a Single Voice: The EU as an Effective Actor in Global Governance? (Routledge, 2015). Her current work deals with the politics of hosting Chinese investment in Europe and in the US and, more generally, with European Foreign Direct Investment policy. A French and American citizen born and raised in Paris, Meunier received her BA from Sciences Po and her Ph.D. in Political Science from MIT. In 2012 she was made Chevalier des Palmes Académiques by the French government. But her proudest honor is to have baked the “best pie in Princeton”, a decadent chestnut and chocolate tart for which she received an official town honor! Indeed, her hobby (sometimes it feels like a second job...) is food and she enjoys cooking daily for her family and friends. She is particularly happy to be a Rocky adviser, now for the seventh year in a row, as she is also a proud Princeton parent (twice!).