Soumya Sudhakar

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Hi Rocky! I’m Soumya and I’m a senior in the MAE department. I love volunteering with Princeton Engineering Education for Kids since it is really rewarding to show elementary and middle school girls that yes, we too can be in STEM - key to reducing that gender wage gap, folks! I am excited to be a PAA this year and I’m looking forward to helping you navigate Princeton’s rich academic environment – you can explore art as a form of activism, control theory, and the bubonic plague all in one semester and still dig deep into your niche. Welcome home, tigers!

Major: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Certificates: Urban Studies, Robotics and Intelligent Systems

Study Abroad experience: n/a

Favorite courses:
MAE 433: Automatic Control Systems, DAN 310: The Arts of Urban Transition, ORF 309: Probability and Stochastic Systems

Favorite study spot: Standing desks at Stokes Library