What's Where

College Facilities

1. Rockefeller College Entrance
2. College Office (1st & 2nd Floors)
3. Peter S. Firestone ’62 Common Room
4. College Dining Hall
5. Private Dining Room
6. Rocky-Mathey Library and Firestone Meeting Room
7. Rocky-Mathey Theatre (2nd Floor)
8. Rocky-Mathey Classroom (2nd Floor)
9. Mathey College Common Room
10. Holder Laundry (lower level)
11. Holder Computer Cluster (lower level)
12. Holder Lounge and Studio Space (Art Room) (lower level)
13. Holder Center (4B Holder Hall)
14. T5 (Buyers) Blair Seminar Room (3rd floor)
15. Buyers Study Space and Laundry (1st entry lower level)
16. Witherspoon Kitchen
17. Witherspoon Study Space and TV Lounge
18. Witherspoon Music Practice Room (lower level)
19. Witherspoon Laundry (lower level) 
20. Cyclab (entrance outside, from loading dock)

Map of Rocky